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150 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles CA

Top shelf Shaffer

Top shelf mark offer best grade of tope quality grade CBD buds,oil, carts,shrooms and pills. We offer at best and affordable prices to stoners and discounts on bulk purchase. With top shelf mark clients get the satisfaction

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hey just bring to most of my patients the best of what they will need for their pain and most of all relaxation

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canna David

Text me or WhatsApp at (951) 251-4078 HOT DEAL ..Vape Carts, Wholesale Distillate & CCELL 510 VAPE AVAILABLE. Distillate available as well. The oil is thick, and will not drip. Premium 93% Distillate Cartridges w/ Packaging & Variable push battery~Self Produced Clean Distillate Cartridges~ It is also odorless, and for the most part, tasteless. (90%) Because the oil is decarbed, it can be applied directly to Food, Flowers, Vapes, Dab Rigs, or even on the inside of your Blunts/Joints! All products are inspected for impurities, and strength, by SC Labs here in California. We also have vape cartridges available as well. They are filled in 510 thread ceramic ccell cartridges, 710 King-pen:1/2 gram=$20 710 king-pen:1gram=$30 Brass Knuckle:1gram=$30 Heavy Hitters:$25 Abracadabra:$20 Dank Vapes:$22 Los Angeles Kush:$20 Mario Carts:$20 FlavRX:$20 LA Kush:$25 ROVE:$20 Supreme Carts:$20 Stiiizy Pods:$20 Exotic Carts:$20 CBD Prerolls:$15 Barewood Preroll:$13 Packwood Preroll:$13 Space monkey Prerolls:$15 2020Moonrock Prerolls:$15 (Minimum Order 25 pieces) Discount On 50+ Discounts on 100++ AAA -cost wax. Lb. $6500 1/2 $3100 1/4 $2000 An oz $580 Flowers Available as well. Flowers menu : Minimum order is an Oz for $500. Discounted on Units. Mendo Breath Red hog Juicy fruit Skywalker Blue Cookies Cookie Jar Blue Skunk David M Retzlaff

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The CBD Oil Extract

At the CBDOilExtracts, we bring the best experts from the pharmacy field to innovate and engineer best ED medicines to treat your sexual malfunctions. We have been serving the audience in the United States and Canada by our CBD oil in Canada that cures intense Erectile Dysfunction and Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.

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Thumbnail for video titled The lovely lady Lindsey and I smoking Watch Video
The lovely lady Lindsey and I smoking

10 months ago



The lovely lady Lindsey and I smoking

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Hitting the pipe

1 year ago



Just smoking on some good ganja

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