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  • About Me: What’s up fam I’m Grey morgan and I have some of the best deals on BT. I’m looking for business-minded individuals to do business with. I’ve been on here for a while and I heard stories from you guys how you are getting overcharged by other vendors on here. This pisses me off to hear that this is happening they’re messing it up for all of us that are righteous. Don’t let this be you please. If you have had a problem with a vendor call me I’d like to know so I can compile a list of “bad vendors” so I can warn other users. I do know there is quite a few good vendors on this site .Anyways now thats out of the way let’s get down to business. I have a wide variety of product available some of the flavors that are in stock are: Quality THC products see blow 🍁Weed 🍁THC vape carts 🍁Spacemonkey cans 🍁Wax,dabs,hash Kik ID.... williamlee4200 wickerID...williamlee420 Text/WhatsApp... +1(469)278-5549
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Old Kottonmouth Kings Potspace video

1 year ago



This is an old video I found, sadly the sound doesn't match up in this one.

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CNN Weed Documentary (Part 2)

2 years ago



This is a really good documentary that I've had my parents watch. It's reported by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Check my channel if you want to watch parts 1, 3, and 4.

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