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Get your order delivered asap..Best Hood Connect

Get your order delivered asap..Best Hood Connect

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Indoor Girl scout, Sour Diesel, ogs, purps and couple of other strains available. Also on deck are some lit and trippy psychedelic hits Shrooms, LSD, DMT, Geltabs, Micro shrooms capsules, MD's and more... Text or call +1 (213) 536-1073  to place your order!!visit our  web>> Kingsempire420.com We sell from Ounce to Pounds.. Half ounce also works for first timers, Front only for returning buyers. No stories , if you feel ripped off by someone, then get the right tickets, not cheap racks on units. You can also fly out we sit and talk shit out. TEXT or call +1 (213) 536-1073 to place your orderVisit our web... Kingsempire420.com WE OFFER VARIETIES OF PURE QUALITY FIRE BUD STRAINS *Gorilla Glue *Gelato *Rainbow *Blue Dream *Girl Scout Cookies *OG Lemon *OG Kush *Presidential OG *Grand Daddy Purple *Durban Poison *THC Bomb *Bubba OG *Amnesia Haze *Purple Nepal *Bubbleberry *AK-48 *Platinum Kush *Blue Widow *Purple Kush *Sour Diesel *Strawberry Cough *Afghan Kush *Trainwreck *Cherry Pie *Strawberry Kush *UK Cheese *Black Diamond *Sky-walker *Strawberry Diesel *SFV OG Kush .CONCERNTRATE(OIL) .WAX .TRIM -All my strains are Indoor grown. -All strains are produced in bulk and are mold/pest free -All sealed in air tight bags. All jar cured. -All donations are for my time and labor..  Text.Call...+1 (213) 536-1073Wickr ID...... plugcracksSnap>>> plugcracksvissit our web... kingsempire420.com

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