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  • About Me: Quality THC products see blow 🍁Weed 🍁THC vape carts 🍁Spacemonkey cans 🍁Wax,dabs,hash Kik ID.... williamlee4200 wickerID...williamlee420 Text/WhatsApp... +1(469)278-5549 *Moon Rock *Gorilla Glue *Gelato *Rainbow *Blue Dream *Girl Scout Cookies *OG Lemon *OG Kush *Presidential OG *Grand Daddy Purple *Durban Poison *THC Bomb *Bubba OG *Amnesia Haze *Purple Nepal *Bubbleberry *AK-48 *Platinum Kush *Blue Widow *Purple Kush *Sour Diesel *Strawberry Cough *Afghan Kush *Trainwreck *Cherry Pie *Strawberry Kush *UK Cheese *Black Diamond *Sky-walker *Strawberry Diesel *SFV OG Kush SHATTER Mixed Indica Co2 Shatter Chemdawg Shatter Girl Scout Cookies Shatter Green Crack Shatter Master Kush Shatter Mixed Indica Co2 Shatter Mixed Indica Shatter OG Kush Shatter Pink Kush Shatter Rockstar Kush Shatter Sour Diesel Shatter Violator Kush Shatter Lemon Trainwreck Shatter Sweet Skunk Shatter Blueberry Shatter Super Lemon Haze Shatter Blue Dream Shatter True OG Shatter Jet Shatter Pineapple express Shatter Grand Daddy Purple Shatter WAX Pineapple Express wax Grand Daddy Purple Kush Wax White Fire OG Wax Super Dreamy Widow Wax Blue Dream Wax Pineapple Express Soft Wax Blue Rhino Wax Afghan Kush Wax OG Kush Wax Pink Kush Wax Rockstar Kush Wax Sour Diesel Wax Violator Kush Wax Lemon Trainwreck Wax OG Kush Wax Sweet Skunk wax Blueberry Wax Super Lemon Haze Wax CARTRIDGES ROVE BRAND!!! OG KUSH APE KUSH COOKIES SUNSET SHERBET BLUE DREAM GORILLA GLUE PURPLE HAZE BRASS KNUCKLE BRAND!!! Skywalker OG Gelato Gorilla Glue Cookies Strawberry Cough Jack Herer Blueberry Grand Daddy Purple FLAVRX BRAND!!! BUBBLE GUM GIRL SCOUT COOKIES WHITE WIDOW BANANA KUSH TROPICAL TRAINWRECK SUPER LEMON HAZE TRAINWRECK BLUE DREAM HEADBAND SOUR DIESEL MANGO HAZE JACK HERRER SKYWALKER OG KUSH TRUE OG GOKDEN APPLE KUSH BLUEBERRY KUSH TANGIE VANILLA KUSH ALPINES BRAND!!! JACK HERRER SUPER SILVER HAZE GORILLA GLUE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES NORTHERN LIGHTS BLUE DREAM HEADBAND SOUR DIESEL MANGO HAZE KINGPENS BRAND!!!! SUNSET SHERRBET GELATO SKYWALKER OG TRAINWRECK ROMULAN GRAPEFRUIT KING LOUIS XIII 3 KINGS CALI-O HEAVY HITTERS (1g) Available Strains: Blueberry Bubba Kush Diablo OG Grape Ape Malibu OG Northern Lights Pink Kush Blue Dream Jack Herer Sour Diesel Strawberry Cough Tangie 710 Connoisseur Cookies and Cream Gelato Girl Scout Cookie Gorilla Glue OG Kush Pineapple Express Skywalker OG Strawnana The Truth Wedding Cake HEAVY HITTERS (2.2g) Available Strains: Blue Dream Bubba Kush Diablo OG Girl Scout Cookie Gorilla Glue Grape Ape Malibu OG Northern Lights OG Kush Pineapple Express Skywalker OG Strawberry Cough Tangie OIL Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Emerald OG Cannabis Oil Humbolt Cannabis Oil Crown Royal Cannabis Oil Ultra Pure Mendocino Purps Cannabis Oil Maui Waui Cannabis Oil Chocolate Thai Cannabis Oil Cannalope Haze Cannabis Oil Juicy Fruit Cannabis Oil Chocolope Cannabis Oil Blue Dream Cannabis Oil Trainwreck Cannabis Oil OG Kush Cannabis Oil Berry White Cannabis Oil Mango Cannabis Oil Platinum OG Cannabis Oil Cannabis Coconut Oil (250ml) DISTILLATE Cherry Banana Pie Distillate Super Blue Dream Distillate Mary Jane Distillate Critical OG Distillate OG Distillate Strawberry Distillate Tangerine Distillate Guava Distillate Pineapple Distillate Lime Distillate Haze Distillate Green Kush Distillate Lil OG Distillate Glass Slipper Distillate Bruce Banner Distillate Jelly Bean Distillate Blue Gorilla Distillate Anslinger’s Dream Distillate Lavenberry Diesel Distillate Pennywise Distillate Jorge’s Diamond Distillate Anslinger Distillate Indica Classic Distillate
  • Birthday: January 20th, 1991
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  • Lives in: San Francisco CA
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  • Joined: April 23, 2019
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Single
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