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Legit Marijuana Grower ✅ Indoors Only 🍁🍁🍁 👌 Grade AA+ 🍁 https://www.medsshop.org/ 📞(720) 523-5833 📞📝 Discreet Deliveries ✌ email: medsshop24hours@gmail.com

TEXT US HERE 6197867608 = for more information + FREE SAMPLES + 25% OFF + ASK ME how to get WHOLESALE PRICES and ORDER TODAY! TOP GRADE HEMP and CBD OILS HERE! Top Shelf Distributing is a collective of growers with over 100 years experience in the industry. The market has been upside down for the past couple years and things are shifting back to how they were about 3 years ago. Brokers no longer get to set the prices that put many out of business. Growers set the prices that are needed to sustain the industry. Prices are as follows: Greenhouse Flowers – $1300 – $1500 Low Quality (Commercial) Indoor Flowers – $1600 – $1800 Top Shelf A+ – $1900 – $2600 Full Gram Cartridges 1-1000 – $20 each Full Gram Carts 1001 – 3,000 $15 each Full Gram Carts 3001+ $12 each Moonrocks $3,000 per unit Shatter (slabs) – $4,000 per unit Shatter (prepackaged in grams) – $4,500 Edibles – $15 each Crumble – $4000 per unit Distillate – $8,000 per liter Flower flavors change weekly. No consignments, no fronts. Inquiries please contact 6197867608 By responding to this ad you acknowledge you are not affiliated with any law enforcement agencies

To Both Patients And Stoners. my strains help for treatment of terminal cancer, diabetes, pain, depression, anxiety, and many other Call/Text or Whats App me @ +1(559)682-0309 if you are serious we dont trade by text but Whats App cos its all about discreetness 100%

Brittany thanks for gracing us with your presence :) and your presents (videos). We will be adding many new things in the coming days, weeks, and months so stay tuned!

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