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Do not send money to anyone promising to ship Cannabis
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Posted on Sep 14 2020
Price: 200.00

SWgenetX New Mexico - Units - Seeds - Clones

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SWgenetX Medical Cannabis Seeds and Clones

Units available:

Sativa Dominant:

Goji OG

Blueberry Thai
(DJ Short Blueberry x Chocolate Thai)

Lambsbreath #5
(Lambsbreath x Northern Lights #5)

Blue Skunk
(Blue Dream x Lemon Skunk x Fruit Pie)

Pie Faced
(Blue Lime Pie x Blue OX)

(ACDC x Pie95)

Denali Skunk
(Denali x Lemon Skunk)

Charlottes Chocolate
(Chocolate Thai x Charlottes Web)

Indica Dominant:

Northern Lights

Denali Dream
(Denali Skunk x Blue Dream)

Mint Chocolate Thai
(Denali x Chocolate Thai)

Pink Ghost Cookies
(Ghost OG x Cat Piss x Capone Kush x Pink Cookies)

Purple Ghost Piss
(Ghost OG x Cat Piss x Purple Haze x Blue Dream)

Choc Candy Cream
(Candy Cream x Chocolate Thai)

Unit Prices: Ozs for as low as $200
3.5 gr
14 gr
28 gr

Free 2-3 day priority shipping (US Only)

Accepted: Cash app, Zelle, Google Pay, Bitcoin and more

Live Rooted Clones Available

Pie Faced
Blueberry Thai
Pink Ghost Cookies

Wide Variety of Hybrids
Feminized and Regular
Prices vary

Thumbnail for video titled What Is The Difference Between Indica And Sativa Watch Video
What Is The Difference Between Indica And Sativa

4 months ago



Like my videos? Show some love here x3: https://www.paypal.me/BrittanySmokesWeed -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Hey guys~ Here's a video showing you how to tell the difference between indica and sativa cannabis buds. These are fairly high quality buds, but the same rules apply for different quality or strains. Thanks for checking the vid out. Subscribe and jointheclub for more! MY SOCIAL MEDIA: My ART BLOG: http://hxcdesigns.tumblr.com/ TUMBLR: http://hxc-riot.tumblr.com/ FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/hxc.riot SNAPCHAT: stoner-loner

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Thumbnail for video titled Cannabis Microdosing Watch Video
Cannabis Microdosing

2 years ago



This is a video I have been wanting to make for a while, and I finally had collected all the items I wanted to share in this video. NOTES: Three of the Indica 2mg gummy cubes did infact do something for me. I was sursprised but mostly just happy and sleepy. Win win win. Medicated Smoothie: https://youtu.be/t49Nn0Ri8-g Check out @NESSIESKITCHEN to see how we made the tincture. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8tq8v0Xv9slLfHHg6K4tfA?app=desktop Thanks for watching. Like & subscribe Instagram: @jennywakeandbake Younow: @jennywakeandbake Twitter/periscope: @jennywake_bake THIS CHANNEL IS FOR LEGAL CANNABIS PATIENTS AND ADULTS 18+ I am a legal MMJ patient in the state of MA JENNY P.O. box 682 Winsted CT 06098 Things I love: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2QQSCNTCHF812 WAYS TO SAVE Save $4.20 on your very own Nuggy from Nugtools https://nugtools.com/products/nuggy 'Jennywakeandbake' will save you 15% at check out from Sploofy Brand http://www.sploofybrand.com?rfsn=228755.0f754 'Jennywakeandbake' will save you 10% at check out from cannasmack. https://cannasmack.com/ref/jennywakeandbake 'Jennywakeandbake' will save you 10% at check out from Sourcevapes. https://www.sourcevapesaffiliates.com/156.html Use code 'jennywakeandbake' to save at checkout with SmokeCartel. http://smokecartel.com/ 'JENNYWAKEANDBAKE' will save you 10% when you sign up for a Kushcargo subscription box and 5% on store items. https://kushcargo.com/ 'Jennywakeandbake' will save you $30 when you purchase a Magical Butter Machine http://store.magicalbutter.com/?afmc=jennywakeandbake Shop Daily High Club: http://dailyhighclub.com/?rfsn=616075.3eb84

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