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Austin, Texas
Posted on Apr 23 2021
Price: 50.00

SWgenetX Cannabis Clones and Seeds

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SWgenetX breeds a wide variety of medicinal Cannabis, Seeds and Clones. 8ths to Ozs
All orders include tracking, discreet, odor proof, delivery and or with bubble wrap sealed crush proof breeder packs.

(786) 708-8804

Denali x King Tut x 3 lil Birds
(ACDC x Harlequin x Charlottes Web)
Pie Faced
(Blue Lime Pie x Blue OX)
Pink Cheese Cake
(Pie Faced x Pink Cookies x Head Cheese)
Pink Ghost Cookies
(Ghost OG x Cat Piss x Capone Kush x Pink Cookies)
Purple Ghost piss
(Ghost OG x Cat Piss x Purple Haze x Blue Dream)
Goji OG
(Nepali OG x Snow Lotus)
Blue Skunk Pie
(Denali x Lemon Skunk x Blue Dream x Fruit Pie)
Candy Cream x Chocolate Thai
Charlottes Web x Chocolate Thai
Blueberry x Chocolate Thai
ACDC x Fruitbound x Pie95
Denali x Chocolate Thai
Denali x Lemon Skunk
Jamaican x Lambsbreath
Northern Lights x Lambsbreath
Cherry Pie x Grand Daddy Purple
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