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Do not send money to anyone promising to ship Cannabis, report such ads. Currently few locations legally allow for Cannabis transactions between private parties. For your protection, be sure any transactions between you and other parties are legally allowed to take place
Auburn, Alabama
Posted on Nov 23 2020
Price: 1300.00

All Fire Indoor,wax,carts,distillate )Deal With Grower Directly

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Text (559) 682-0309
Medical Marijuana flowers and other products. Products are available and ready to be gifted out in bulk!We are the most ~~~~~ and reliable source you can find around
You can become our client today by placing an order. Being our client, we guarantee that:
-Safe And Fast Delivery
-We won’t give you low ~~~~~~~ like the others do.
-We won’t keep you waiting, delay delivery or ~~~~~~~~
-We won’t cheat you for we are passionate about Marijuana
-We won’t hesitate to be at your service.
-You will never go dry.

The Minimum Order is oz for flowers and An also Ounce for Dabs for out of state. Multiple units are discounted! ALWAYS ASK FOR MENU BECAUSE IT ALWAYS UPDATED
TEXT………………….(559) 682-0309 .Concentrates available include Critical CO2 extracted Oil, Minimum is an ounce. Vape pens Vaporizers, Oil Cartridges are available.We have Butane Hash Oil ( Wax, shatter and budder) JUST TRY US TODAY!
Please no games, no thugs, no stories, no time wasting, no kids, no fronts, respect the minimum, keep it short and simple. We are here for you all. Text (559) 682-0309 Only .Our mission is to provide our Members safe, discreet, and reliable access to consistent Organic ~~~ ~~~~~~~ Medical Cannabis that is produced responsibly, and directly by Qualified Caregiver of Cannabis Science.
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✅Weed delivery verified vendor with delivery exp

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✅Weed delivery verified vendor with delivery express✅ I got some new Strains for you! Outlet prices! 🔮💎My strains for you🔮💎 🍇Purple Candy Kush🍇25%Thc 🍋 Super Lemon Haze🍋22.5%Thc 🧞‍♀️Silver Haze🧞‍♀️ 23%Thc 🍓Strawberry Haze🍓 21%Thc ⚜️Og Kush⚜️24%Thc 🍊Mandarine Haze🍊23%Thc 🍧Gelato 47🍧 24%Thc 🧞‍♂️My Cali weed for you🧞‍♂️ 🌬White Runtz 23%Thc🌬 🍧Gittlez smokey farm Gelato 24% Thc🍧 🍯Cookies N cream 24%Thc🍯 🍪🏀Gary Payton Cookies🏀🍪 🧁Cake Mix 24% Thc 🍰

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Shotgun Brick Dance

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Remember WEEDS show

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