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Do not send money to anyone promising to ship Cannabis, report such ads. Currently few locations legally allow for Cannabis transactions between private parties. For your protection, be sure any transactions between you and other parties are legally allowed to take place
Centreville, MD
Posted: Jun 01 2020


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Hey there! Are you looking for clones or teens??
βœ”οΈExotic genetic nursery has a variety of strains and sizes for all growers. Large Teens and small clones available now!Commercial and Personal growers are welcome to order. We ~~~~ deliver to all locations over other part of US. and CANADA have you been in a hustle trying to source out clones and teens for your garden ? then you may be at the right place.For Bulk Pricing text us  To place order text prefer info +1 225 522 1437
Whatsapp +1 225 522 1537
Email: cannabisolinestore@gmail.com  
For seeds ~~~~ped anywhere in the USA AND CANADA and ~~~~~~~~~Please for any question text or chat with our customer serviceAll strains in stock!Guaranteed Healthy/Pest ~~~~ and no deases of any kindINDICA STRAIN-Orange kush-Afghan kush-Purple urkle-Bubba kush-Hindu kush-Grand daddyDo- Si -DosBlue cheeseG13LA ConfidentialPlatinum OGKosher kushWhite RhinoBlueberry KushDiamond OGMonster cookiesSATIVA STRAIN-Sour diesel-Durban poison-Lemon Haze-Purple hazeGreen crackStrawberry ~~~~~HarlequinPurple hazeSour TangieSour JackLemon JackAcapulco GoldHYBRID STRAIN-OG kush-AK47-Gelato-white fire OG-Girlscout cookies-Blue berry OG-Blue dream– Wedding cake– Shelbert– Mimosa– AK 47– Bruce Banner– Blue Cookies– Alein OG
Our service and express 100%
Doing business with us 1 time we can guarantee you won’t like to look elsewhere
To place order text prefer info +1 225 522 1437
Whatsapp +1 225 522 1537
Email: cannabisolinestore@gmail.com
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New arrivals

2 months ago



Call/Text us: 9787091253 Please a Special Note I can argue with 50-70 people every day to relieve stress and make things easy for everyone read our nee Terms πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ 1] Write me when you are ready to order. 2] Payment is made only via bitcoin which you can buy from bitcoin.com or any other bitcoin site you know 3] when you write me, please send me the order and I'ma let you know if it is available or not.....after that you gonna provide me with a delivery details......Always make sure the information you send are correct so I urge you to do a review of it before you send it over because we won’t be responsible for any missing package because of a wrong Address 4] make payments 5] We ship with 24 hours and you receive the tracking code once we got it shiped 6] Most packages arrive 24hrs max within State and a 2-3days in Europe and 5 days Australia 7] A full and a half payment is accepted 8] We do a meet up within State you must keep the feds away 9] No rooms for a feds nor a corp 10] if you are not convinced by our ads you are not to write us...... asking for a guarantee thanks :) 11] Once you receive you package we advices you to do a test run of your firearm and give us a feedback of it right away. 12] You have a one month guarantee "no refunding of firearm after a 31days of purchase Note: we might consider a CashApp.

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