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Topless photos

Tue Jul 16 '19, 7:41pm - 130 views


What is the policy for topless photos?  Do boobs need to have stickers over the nipples? Is nudity allowed at all on the new site.. I remember the old one had a lot.. But I don't want to get in trouble :D 


Since: Aug 2006

As long as they're marked private, and legal material, you'll be fine. I may add some more rules, etc. In the future but for now those should be marked private. I would like to implement an additional checkbox for uploading that says nudity or else require photos to be approved and upon approval I can, or moderators can specify if the photo contains nudity. What are your thoughts on this?

Since: Jul 2019
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That is a good question.  I would only be posting pictures of my lady and I.. Nothing porn, but her topless at least.  Nothing pornographic. You would need a few moderators if the site reaches its old glory for sure if you do an approval system.    Anything truly nasty could be used to bring the site down, so the approval system would make a lot of sense.  I am a enterprise technical support engineer that has done admining on the internet since it became public. My focus is on what the rules are, not how I feel about any subject.. Administrating, like justice, should be bind to personal bias..  If you want help I can send you my Linkedin page, All Star profile..   I couldn't volunteer 40 a week.. But I can help if you like with an approval system. I have tested all the bounds of the Facebook and Instagram nudity policies. 

Since: Jul 2019
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The videos have no private option that I can find.. Almost uploaded a video of my lady smoking topless.. Was going to make sure it was marked private.. But then I saw no option for that.. Whew!! :D 

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