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Yes sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hello i have some cheap weed to sell contact me intrested with fast and quick delivery


Hey whats up?

I really like Potspace but there needs to be more people on here. How can I help? Maybe you should have some referral links that people can put online to help spread the word.

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Happy 420 Celebrations Everyone

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The site has no checks and balances. Only took a little research to find out most are scammers. Most legit sites are "pay to play" Most affordable and safe solution is to mediate sales. If I list an item for $40.00 dollars, and the sale is made, a standard fee of 2-4% goes to the marketplace. The fee would need to include resolutions to grievances. Other option is pay to advertise, the higher the cost the more space and time. Classifieds 101.

Thanks for responding to my PM Potspace! I've spent way to much time surfing around your site this week, but had fun checking it out. I love the site and the forum section you are setting up, and yes you need to add additional edit function to them. Congrats from getting your domain name back and best of luck making it a success!

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Getting closer to our official launch date. Only 2 months away! Tell us what you love / hate about our website so far, and you may win a free Potspace T-shirt.

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Hello there. If you need any help with the site let me know. Also are you looking for moderators? Send me a message if you are

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  • Introduction: Potspace was launched initially in 2006.The website is a constant work in progress and we are always looking for creative minds to help us grow.
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  • Favorite TV Shows: The Walking Dead, Ozark, Anne With an 'E'
  • Favourite Bands / Artists: The Alchemystics, Gramatik, Grateful Dead, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin
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Two guys smoking weed on a couch

6 years ago



What could be better than two good looking guys smoking weed on the couch? Kind of reminds me of Beavis and Butthead

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Blazin A Tiny Sneak A Toke Pipe

3 years ago



Love these tiny little pipes for a quick pick me up!

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