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  • Introduction: Chems Plug, [6/30/2022 10:21 AM] ----------------------------------RESHIP AND REFUND----------------------------------- I do 70% if package is missing or seized by customs reship or 55% refund in BTC. Please make sure you ENCRYPT, Also, no reship for any kind of shipping info sent unencrypted, or incomplete addresses ! and use the correct shipping format because if your package does not arrive and the format you gave was incorrect you will not be entitled to claim a new shipment or refund. Please state your shipping information in the following order: Name: ... Address (street-name + number): ... Postal/Zip code and City: ... Country: ... Never send me any kind of links for your address (e.g. private note), I won't click on them ! I do only tracked shipment for clients to be able to track package status while is still on it way to destination and client don’t need to sign before collecting package. Never ever threaten (or even bring up) giving me a negative feedback in case of a missing order. This feels as extremely disrespectful since I do my upmost best to provide you with the best service as possible. r***** will only be dispatched on the following days-------------- *Monday * Tuesday * Wednesday * Thursday * Friday r***** IMPORTANT ***** Please kindly confirm product quality and quantity within 24hrs after receipt or finalized. We will not be responsible for product quality or quantity complains after such time a rare case of non arrival please us before starting any kind of dispute or even negative feedback. Every problem has its solution and together we will get out of it. We are not out to scam anyone So don't try to scam us. The drug, 2-FDCK, or *****, is similar to ketamine, but much stronger – and the effects can last two to three times as long. WhatsApp text:551-501-99-68 Wicker me: realchems666
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SparkItUp.net | Cannabis Social Network

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Hello, how are you today? I just wanted to say hi and also introduce you to a new and exciting social network for cannabis enthusiasts called SparkItUp (https://sparkitup.net/). Like Facebook/Twitter and cannabis? Well get the same feel of those networks and connect with cannabis enthusiasts and businesses on SparkItUp. Join the world's best cannabis social network today! Connect, learn, and share with fellow enthusiasts. Make friends, discover new things and be a part of the best online community for cannabis lovers. Start your journey now. Looking forward to seeing you their. Take care. Website: https://sparkitup.net/ About Us: https://sparkitup.net/terms/about-us Blog: https://sparkitup.net/blogs Latest Blog Posts: https://sparkitup.net/read-blog/288_cannabis-and-pets-understanding-the-risks-and-benefits.html https://sparkitup.net/read-blog/260_the-importance-of-regular-maintenance-for-your-marijuana-pipe.html https://sparkitup.net/read-blog/258_a-beginner-039-s-guide-to-marijuana-nectar-collectors-what-they-are-how-they-wor.html https://sparkitup.net/read-blog/252_the-best-ways-to-tell-if-your-raw-papers-are-the-real-deal.html

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