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Marijuana and Cannabis Businesses

Our 420 friendly business directory can be useful for both consumers and marijuana businesses. Whether you're looking for CBD, hemp clothing, or jewelry, our list can be a good starting point to begin your research


  • Clothing & Apparel Sometimes it can be fun, exciting, and fashionable, to show the world your stance on marijuana and everything surrounding it
  • CBD Products Find out about the benefits of CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana, as well as where to get it
  • Headshops Online While not replacing brick and mortar headshops near you, online headshops sometimes have exactly what you've been looking for without having to drive all over
  • Vaporizers Though often not the preferred ingestion method by physicians, vaporizers can offer a much cleaner, less harmful delivery method than smoking marijuana
  • Gear & Gadgets & Storage From containers to keep your marijuana fresh to lock boxes to keep prying eyes out. Check out the newest gear
  • Medical Resources Are you a medical marijuana recipient? Or perhaps you're interested in procuring your medical marijuana card but not sure how?


  • Testing Labs Protect your business and the health of your customers. Find labs that test your product for pesticides, fertilizers, metals, and other contaminants as well as allow you to display exactly how much THC is in your product
  • Staffing In this industry today, there is a constant growing need for skilled employees all over the country. If you need assistance finding reliable, dependable workers for your business, a recruiter may be able to help
  • Packaging Solutions Every business that sells tangible items needs some sort of packaging to give to the customer. For all your packaging needs, there is an affordable packaging solution available
  • Business Software Whether you need to track sales and inventory or convert seeds to dollars, there is a software specifically created for businesses like yours in this ever evolving marijuana industry
  • Security When banks often shy away from those within the marijuana industry, producers and dispensaries are often left with no other option than to use cash solely. It's always a good idea to consider your options when it comes to the security of your businesses cashflow
  • Distribution Make sure you always have the freshest inventory at the best possible prices by choosing the right distributors


  • Marijuana Seeds Know exactly which marijuana strain you'd like to be growing? Check out some of these seed banks and get started growing right away
  • Soil & Nutrients Whether you're using soil to grow or growing hydroponically, you are going to need some sort of food for your plants to help them grow up and be big and strong
  • Grow Lights Grow lights have come a very long way over the years. Whether you need a light for the vegetative cycle, the flowering cycle, or something newly developed that illuminates the same way the Sun does, there is always a light for you
  • Grow Containers & Greenhouses Long gone are the days that you need to throw a couple of seeds in your closet or musty basement. Today there are many options thich help with marijuana growing as well as concealment from prying eyes and noses
  • Extraction EquipmentFind out about what kinds of extraction equipment is available to aide in your botanical productions

Business needs

  • Consulting Consultants are able to share their experience and know-how with you to help you avoid common pitfalls and instead flourish as a business
  • Marijuana Attorneys In the marijuana industry there is no guarantee. If you're taking the risk to be involved with marijuana and money, you should consider having one of these lawyers review your businesses practices
  • Accounting In a cash business such as running a marijuana dispensary, you'll absolutely want to hire accounting services, if for no other reason, than if you were to be audited
  • Business Loans For every type of business in the marijuana industry, whether a startup, or if your business has been around for years, there is someone somewhere willing to bet on you and help you with a loan for whatever you need it for
  • Marijuana Investors Looking to team up with a company or indviduals in exchange for some monetary assistance? Allow your business to hit the ground running so your business doesn't suffer from a stagnant startup
  • Payments & Banks While quite a few banks shy away from accepting those involved in the marijuana industry, there are quite a few alternatives to solely accepting cash, and you may be a bit surprised by how many options are out there


  • Marketing & Advertising Want to get your business or product out there as quickly and thoroughly as possible? Definitely consider speaking with an advertising agency to help with your advertising and marketing needs
  • SEO If you want your online customers to find your website, then you'll want some sort of Search Engine Optimization to be performed. These businesses help you rank better organically as well as assist you with any Pay Per Click advertising campaigns you may be considering
  • Website Development When you need a website created or updated, you're better off going with a company who is keen on the idea of your passion. Someone who agrees with your message and is excited to help a fellow enthusiast while contributing their own ideas for your business venture

For Individuals

  • Employment Lists Looking to work in the marijuana industry? Check out some online job boards catoring to the marijuana industry
  • Training & Education Did you know that you stand a better chance of securing employment in the marijuana industry if you can show proof of formal training? Solidify the craft of your trade with these educators
  • Marijuana Social Networks / Communities Visit some marijuana oriented websites, or join some communities / groups within the Marijuana culture movement that seems to be rapidly changing day by day in the United States and Canada.
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