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weed prices

Published on Dec 09, 2018

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Alt Text Potspace
 19 days ago

I always love your videos but I wonder about prices on other products. Of course that may be more difficult since products vary from state to state as well as products that begin to become "name brands" will usually see a price increase due to demand and their popular name. Personally for me in Connecticut, I buy from my dispensary dry herb, but not too often. With my 10% veteran discount that Caring Nature gives me, I can walk out with decent medical grade herb for $27 for 1/8 and the price goes down when buying more at once such as a quarter ounce. The weed looks great, but maybe the the content is measured at only 26% instead of 30% or 32% like some of the more expensive herbs. I rarely buy edibles because I'm not sure I really like the way they make me feel. I've bought a bunch of stuff but mainly I'll buy 5mg th tabs that are almost like tic tacs, 30 of them for $20. They're easy to take one as I'm out and about and feel better but not all messed up. Also I buy concentrates but not often enough to tell you the prices I pay per quantity. Lately I've been buying the Pax Era vape cartridges that they sell for $75 each, which is I think 1.6g though their website could answer better for that. I dont smoke too much these days, maybe a few times throughout the day I'll take 1 or 2 hits on the Pax vape and I'll be good to workout hard at the gym, or feel better at work, etc. Of course I take maybe 2 second hits as I feel the vapor expands in my lungs and if I hit it for let's say 5 seconds, I'd cough my brains out. My little sister went to bed during a movie after taking too long a hit on my Pax vape. She told me the next day she was way too high to sit with all of us watching that movie after that big hit. Anyway,... Connecticut names all of their products with like laboratory names such as Hybridol BC, which is my hybrid cartridge now. You have to ask what the street name is in order to know. Thanks for the video. I'd be curious to see some prices of other products of course along with the specs so we know which strain and the contents. Peace:)

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 1 month ago


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