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Do not send money to anyone promising to ship Cannabis, report such ads. Currently few locations legally allow for Cannabis transactions between private parties. For your protection, be sure any transactions between you and other parties are legally allowed to take place
Auburn, Alabama
Posted on Apr 17 2021
Price: 800.00

New strains going fast

Ad details
New strains going fast. Hot varieties every week!
Snapchat: richardt2324
Wirkc.me: richardt2324
Hotline/WhatsApp : (505) 398-0392
telegram; https://t.me/Stoner_Ace

!New! – White Diomonds
Indoor- $2,200-$2,700
*Natural Born Killer OG
*Tropicana cookie
*Ice Cream Cake
*Mendo Kush
*Cali Bubba
*Rock Star OG
*White Widow
*Wedding Gelato
*Pink OG

-MIDS/HIGH DEPS $1600-$1900
*Girl Scout Cookie
*Orange Crack
*Sunset Sherbert
*Strawberry Blast
*Platinum OG
*Wedding Crasher
*Game Changer
*Biscotti Cookie

-LOWERS- $1300-$1400
*Purple Mendo

-SUPER LOWERS- $800-$1000
*Train Wreck
*Galactic OG

We have a variety of edibles, all concentrates including cartridges, distillate it in bulk (1-2 liter minimum)
Boutique indoor,
AAA deps
outdoor and many other options for our clients.

We are wholesale distributors, so please do not call or text if you’re planning on ordering anything smaller than 1 pound for your first order, after that we will help you build up to get to the level that we would want you get to. No credit no fronts. We are free for meet ups for big buyers.

Again this ad is for legit SERIOUS buyers only!!!!
Snapchat: richardt2324
Wirkc.me: richardt2324
Hotline/WhatsApp : (505) 398-0392
telegram; https://t.me/Stoner_Ace

Lowers from $750 – $1000
Mids from $1300 – $1700
Deps from $1900 – $2250
Top shelf indoor from $2450 – $3k+

Shatter at $350/oz (minimum order required)
Sugar diamonds at $25/gr
Edibles/gummies at $12
Carts and top quality oils, No fillers
– $16.50/cart minimum order of 25 carts.

◇ We accept Bitcoin as a form of payment ◇

☆SAMPLES- For serious buyers only!
Yes, we offer discounts for larger quantity orders. Fast shipping in 1 – 2 days after funds verified. Any questions, please just ask.
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Legal Colorado Dispensary Haul #4

1 year ago



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