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Posted: Jul 11 2021

I need a space to park my rv

Offering housing or Seeking
Room / Apartment / House / etc
Rv space
More specific location
I'm currently in the Pueblo Colorado area but as it is an rv I am not married to the location
Monthly rent
300 max but closer to the 200 - 250 range
Security deposit(s)
Utilities included if any
I have my own solar power but I really a space where I have some sort of bathroom
Pets allowed
I have a small Chihuahua and a mid size mutt. Both are extremely friendly and well behaved. The Chihuahua barks at times but mostly they're quiet.
I have a 22 ft class C rv plus I need a little space around bc of my dogs
Move-in date
I get disability monthly on the 3rd and that would be my target date.
Ad details
I'm a quiet 45 yr old guy who sticks to himself w two well behaved dogs. I live off disability so i don't have much but it is a constant check. I'm looking for a small space where I can park my rv for semi long term (by winter I will have to figure something else). Ideally it would be somewhere where I'd have access to a bathroom. I have solar power and propane--all I need is place to park (and hopefully a bathroom)
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