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August 24th 2019, 8:08am
Caracas, Dto. Capital
Since: Jul 2019
Posts: 25
Why does cannabis turn your eyes red?

Why? I can't seem to avoid them but I think it has to do more with my phisiology than anything else, don't even get me started if we talk about mixing alcohol and cannabis, I get bloodshot in a sec does it happen to you too?

August 24th 2019, 8:34pm
New York, NY
Since: Aug 2006
Posts: 27

Actually ever since I began smoking weed 26 years ago, my eyes rarely get red. But when they do, they look red like any other stoner's eyes. If it's an issue for you, Clear Eyes or Visine is easy to bring with you in your car or backpack and should do the trick.

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