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Florida Q&A's on Medical Marijuana Cards

Sun Jun 9 '19, 6:51am - 195 views

Do I need to obtain a card from a doctor before I decide to visit the dispensary?

You can call and ask any questions but you cannot go into the dispensary without your approval in the system.

How much is an office visit and how many will I need to get my mm card?

The standard cost for a doctor's office visit and an state administration fee of $75.00 to the department of health.

Does the doctor's office visit have to be performed by your primary?

You can receive and pay for the exam when you see a 420 Doctor or your primary physician.

Am I able to qualify for a medical card if I have really bad anxiety attacks and anger issues?


Can I use my medical insurance to get Cannabis?

Unfortunately insurance does not cover medical marijuana.

What are the different forms of Medical Marijuana? How much does it cost on average? How do I know what is the best method to take it? Is it in a liquid form for vaping?

There is inhalation (vaping), sublingual (eating), topical (lotions), and oral (pills). The price will range based on consumption and variety of product. Patients often spend on average $200+/- a month on medical marijuana. For vaping you'll require a specific battery that works with the brand you choose. Sublingual forms will be either a tincture, spray, or something you mix with food. For those with severe pains, topical is often considered the best for direct relief. The concentrated oil capsules are also a popular brand.

I've been diagnosed with PTSD/ANXIETY/SCIATICA by my psychologist. Does that qualify me for a medical marijuana card?


If I have my medical card from California will it be accepted over here in Florida?

Sorry No.

I've had medical marijuana licenses from Colorado. I've been to a regular M.D. & have rheumatoid arthritis & cataracts. How can I get a state issued medical marijuana card issued in Florida & how much will it cost? Do I need an appointment?

Yes, but you will need to have resident status in Florida and visit a state approved dispensary and pay the standard examination fee, bring any paperwork you have, or have it ordered by the dispensary and make application for the state issued medical marijuana card.

I am from Canada and visiting Florida. Is there any way to obtain medication through a dispensary while here? I have a doctor's prescription and card that is valid for BC Canada locations.

Sorry No.

I suffer with epilepsy with seizures Can I apply for medical marijuana?


I am moving to Florida and want to see the doctor and get the medical card ASAP. What is the process and what do I need to do?

Call any local dispensary to set an appointment and bring relevant medical documents, if you have them, otherwise, the dispensary can request them from your primary care physician. Other than that it's very easy. You just need to have the funds for the examination and medical marijuana card.

I get very anxious, I have problems falling to sleep and back pain. Marijuana does wonders for me. I don't have medical records for the conditions. Can I still get evaluate without them?

There is going to have to be some record of your condition – emergency room, clinic visits or you can go to public health department and get seen to start a record.

If a person has a felony can they still obtain medical marijuana card?


I was recently diagnosed with a herniated disc, and they want to put me on muscle relaxer. Would I qualify for medical marijuana as an alternative?


I have severe acid reflux along with functional dysphasia. I was diagnosed with these when I was in the army and it was so bad they medically retired me, so I was wondering if I would be a qualifying patient.


Information is being provided as a curiosity to the reader, and should always be verified by contacting a state approved medical marijuana dispensary for questions specific to your conditions.

Since: Mar 2019
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Since: Mar 2019
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