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Navigating #cannabis-related #socialmedia is tricky and filled with roadblocks and confusion. Social media platforms — #Facebook, #Instagram and #Twitter specifically—don’t hesitate to block ads or deactivate accounts whose posts violate their terms and conditions. These platforms don’t care whether cannabis is legal in your state or not; they view it through a lens of federal prohibition, meaning they can flag anything relating to marijuana as a violation of their policies. #WeedTalk | #Doctors & Delivery | #DIY #Marijuana #SEO https://www.pinterest.com/pin/527554543849142502/

The Big Easy is known for its excesses that you can legally indulge in, and some excesses legal or not have been around for a long time. With all the mania marijuana has created around the country its not been so much a hot topic here. Maybe, it’s just our casual nature or the hot weather. Like elsewhere, Marijuana is a cottage industry with huge potential. The question for many of us is, how do we tap into it and make it work for everyone in our communities, and not just bureaucrats and outside influencers…

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  • About Me: Come join us here at Real Estate & Merchants Social. We provide great SEO and social media support, while doing a terrific job getting our client's content marketing seen. We work in concert with your existing social platforms to create a unique experience for real estate professionals and local merchants. We're not just a highly ranked website, and we're a lot more that just sharing listings; services; or product placement. The Neighborhood Korner is about community and business leaders who contribute to making our neighborhoods home.
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