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Have u every tired to call any of these listed numbers? 90% of them are google voice.. Then if they text u back. that start asking what you want ( in a heavy Nigerian Accent), and that they have everything under the sun! For example I need indoor OG, they have it. I need carts, they have it. I need AAA indoor cookies at 700 a unit, they will do it!. <br> I tell them I want to meet in person, they Nigerian voice crackles and they hang up.! But they call back.. I negotiate a 5 pack down to 600 a unit of what they said was hi quality AAA indoor. Then I told them I am in Cali and in there same city and can meet them in person, they hung up again... Then another monkey calls me back and tells me that cannot meet , but I can come into their dispensary. I say great and they tell me there in Los Angeles area, but when I first called they said stockton,CA. I tell them I will not, send them a Walmart money card as I don't know them. So here list to tell you its a scam: If you call the number and it a google connect number, it a fraud? If the other guy on the line sounds like a NIGERIAN goat farmer, its a fraud. If they ask you to send a Walmart money CARD its a fraud.? oh and if there selling you indoor units for $1000 OR UNDER its a fraud, AAA indoor is going to dispensary for 1500 to 2k at the moment.. Be safe out ther. Dam Nigerian Goat Farmers! peace, roger. hit me for more whatapp me on +1(956) 307-8503

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  • About Me: I am a supplier of medical marijuana, as well as seeds for patients suffering from depression, glaucoma, anxiety and tension, headaches, chronic pain and nausea, mental and physical fatigue and for the strain Calming Wax and cannabis, grass varieties such as AK47, Super stunk kush, Blueberry, Moonrock, OG Kush, Vape oil, cannabis oil, indica, etc. available at affordable prices. We assure all buyers that we make a discreet delivery through DHL, Fedex, UPS, USPS and EMS, depending on the location of the buyers and the desire of balloon (United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, Canada, Australia, Europe, North and South America and within the United States). The packaging is in a container with triple plastic seal that can not be detected or smelled by any dog or snippers. Would you love to buy our products? hit me for more whatapp me on +1(956) 307-8503
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CNN Weed Documentary (Part 4)

2 years ago



This is a really good documentary that I've had my parents watch. It's reported by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Check my channel if you want to watch parts 1, 2, and 3.

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2017 World Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo

1 month ago



World Medical Cannabis Conference hosted at the David L Lawrence Convention Center by Compassionate Certification Center's. This expo is for patients, investors, physicians, vendors with a full day of speaking and a kickoff cocktail event on Friday April 21! Anyone interested in attending the first of many expos to come should buy tickets in advance. This is where medical cannabis meets business innovation. #MEDCANNCONEX

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