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Here you'll find a continuously growing list of online head shops. While a lot of people prefer to shop at their local head shop in person so they don't have to wait to start using whatever it is they're looking to buy, many times you can save some money and have a larger selection of goods when buying from an online headshop. If you believe you know of a link we should add here, please let us know using the comment form at the bottom of this page.

With so many online headshops to choose from, it is no wonder the user experience will vary from business to business. We've put together a list of headshops that we consider to be top notch as far as customer service, value, as well as product selection

Last update: May 6, 2021
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Online Headshops

The following online headshops meet our requirements in order to be displayed here on Potspace

Smoke Cartel
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Smoke Cartel Website

Smoke Cartel – Smoke Cartel was started in 2013 by a couple of art school students down in Georgia, USA. Their business model includes providing a better human experience. They are quite popular and offer many benefits such as free shipping and a fantastic customer service experience. Check out their website for a huge smoking and vaping product selection. If you decide to place an order, save 5% by using the discount code INFO-ONADDZOE3W at checkount.

Grass City
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Grass City Online Head Shop

Grass City – Grass City is one of the longest running and most popular online headshops out there. Similar to Smoke Cartel, they also have a very big selection of smoking accessories. They are well known for their excellent customer service and they are based out of Las Vegas, NV. Their prices are fairly reasonable so definitely give their website a look if you're in the market for a new smoking accessory.


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Love these tiny little pipes for a quick pick me up!

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Just a smaller wooden water pipe we made for a GIVEAWAY!

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