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Cannabis Microdosing

Jerry Bear
Published on Jul 04, 2018

This is a video I have been wanting to make for a while, and I finally had collected all the items I wanted to share in this video.

Three of the Indica 2mg gummy cubes did infact do something for me. I was sursprised but mostly just happy and sleepy. Win win win.

Medicated Smoothie:

Check out @NESSIESKITCHEN to see how we made the tincture.

Thanks for watching.

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Alt Text Derek
 1 year ago

I recently started microdosing. Well, at least that's what I consider it. I bought an oil, Bianca Oil, from the dispensary. It's CBD / THC blend, though there is more THC then there is CBD but still I vape the oil a few times a day and feel just a little something, but it makes me feel more happy, etc.

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Alt Text Jesssss
 1 year ago

I like your shirt and your beautiful hair. Do you have any more videos or is it just this one?

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Alt Text Jerry Bear
 1 year ago

I didn't make this video but I think she's really cute and think it's an interesting video as I've never heard of the term micro dosing when regarding weed

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