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Ignore my last email, I forgot I'm having an issue where no emails are being sent out for my new website Stoners.org. I'll let you know when it's working.

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I have all the rules and warnings in a single text document now, along with the words of the owner of this site. I am about to read them over and over and over, until I understand exactly what is "Okay" on Potspace, and what is not. I only remember the Social aspect of the old version of the site, but I understand there are some changes. I believe businesses can be represented here, as long as they do not attempt to make any direct sales. I do not care about my own desires when it come to administration, the job needs to be done with blind justice. It is ether against the rules, or it is not.

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Sorry that I have been gone for so long. My mother is 81 and her health has kept my wife and I constantly running the past 6+ years. I will be posting more and taking a more active roll in the site. Let's help people to see the glory that was, and shall be again, Potspace. Gary

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We'd like to invite you to enter to win one of our Wooden Water Bongs! To enter all you have to do is subscribe to our youtube channel and comment on the featured video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs18R71ANLk

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Hey you guys. In an effort to try and not kill potspace again, in an effort to make it fun again, please take a minute to let me know what you think it is lacking or what is broken.

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Sorry, deleted some spammers and now your wall is blank :( I guess that's better than SPAM! Plus soon when I am mostly finished and advertise the site you'll get some real posts I'm sure. Peace

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  • Introduction: Adult Entertainer, Musician, Photographer, Artist. Married to beautiful lady Lindsey. I just want to love, be loved and play music.
  • Birthday: October 8th, 1967
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Hitting the pipe

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Just smoking on some good ganja

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Weed For Anxiety #7 "Blue Mystic"

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Like my videos? Show some love here x3: https://www.paypal.me/BrittanySmokesWeed -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- "SUBSCRIBE" To Brittany Smokes Weed for more (: "LIKE" this video if you like weed. This Blue Mystic is a Indica Dominant plant that has very delicious traces of blueberry. It is great for anxiety, depression, pain, headaches, insomnia, and many other conditions that are treatable with cannabis! Thank you so much for coming back for another video! Don't forget to hit the "LIKE" button if you liked this video. I make new videos every single week, so SUBSCRIBE if you don't want to miss out. Check out my playlist of strains that work great for anxiety. Have an awesome day. Stay Educated, Stay Medicated. MY SOCIAL MEDIA: My ART BLOG: http://hxcdesigns.tumblr.com/ TUMBLR: http://hxc-riot.tumblr.com/ FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/hxc.riot SNAPCHAT: stoner-loner

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