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June 6th 2019, 6:30am
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Let's Talk Hardwood & Hemp


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The newest product on the market is hemp wood. Now that it’s legal to grow hemp in the United States, a man who’s spent the last decade developing hemp “hardwood” is building a $6 million factory to manufacture the product en masse.

His patented product called “HempWood” is made out of compressed hemp pulp fibers, held together with a soy-based glue. While that may sound like some newfangled version of particle board, it’s not. It looks and feels like oak, but is actually 20 percent harder than the famous hardwood tree. It also grows 100 times as fast. While it takes an oak tree at least 6 decades to mature, it takes hemp 6 months. Other hemp flooring is also commercially available and can be found at your local home improvement stores. Check it out! It’s generally priced cheaper than oak due to the woods high demand in furniture.

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