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Bees and their Keepers

Sun Jun 2 '19, 6:48am - 189 views
Honey Bee

Honey bees and the arts go back a long way. Many call honey bee management an art. There is in fact a great lack of specific scientific information on the insect scientists call Apis mellifera, even though it is one of the most studied organisms. All bee culture is local, based on a specific geography, and the reason you can ask the same question to a number of beekeepers and get quite different answers. This means that the honey bee manager is really more an artist, having to “think like a honey bee colony,” painting a picture using the best knowledge available from a variety of disciplines like soil science, botany, nutrition in order to get the maximum production.

Since: Mar 2019
Posts: 72
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Study Shows That Bees Like Hemp, And That’s Great News For The Environment

Hemp flowers are uniquely attractive to bees because previous reports looking at bee abundance and diversity for crops like genetically modified canola flowers didn’t produce the same volume or variety.


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