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Louisiana Marijuana Social SEO

Sat May 11 '19, 5:36am - 391 views

“No stems, no seeds that you don’t need,” went the ditty; and an inside joke of the day for tokers back in the 70s. More than 40 years later would-be cannabis cultivators and dispensary owners across Louisiana are about to create ditties of their own to enhance their brands, and come up with a campaign as effective as “Maui Wowie”.

Of all of the excesses that one can legally indulge in here in New Orleans, marijuana has not been a priority as much as it has been in other states. Nevertheless, it’s still not uncommon to pass people on the street who either unrepentantly reek of the intoxicating herb or are brazenly smoking it for all to see. Though people don’t have the legal right to smoke it here at this time, attitudes are far more relaxed about it than they have ever been before. Some lawmakers and politicians are so cool with marijuana use that they’ve allowed a medical marijuana dispensary to open up soon in New Orleans, something that marijuana advocates say is long overdue.

Since: Mar 2019
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Louisiana bills seek to legalize marijuana


Louisiana law permits marijuana products for medicinal use, though the state’s complex system for making those products available has not yet gotten off the ground and smokeable pot is not allowed. Gov. John Bel Edwards is asked about legalization of recreational marijuana during virtually every episode of his monthly radio call-in show, and always declines to support the idea.

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2020 Mississippi Grassroots Initiative 


GCHQ, LLC has been contracted to gather signatures from Mississippi voters until September of 2019 in order to place a medical marijuana amendment on the 2020 general election ballot. All over the Magnolia State, folks realize that it’s time to bring safe and natural medical care and relief to those suffering among us. Help then bring the dream to life.

Make some extra cash and help give Mississippi’s medical marijuana ballot initiative a big boost! Patients across the Hospitality State desperately need this medicine, and you can be a part of fixing this problem.

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Mississippians for Compassionate Care is looking for assertive, high-energy Mississippi residents to help us gather signatures to put Ballot Initiative #65 on the November 2020 ballot!

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Cajun Cannabis shop owner's bond set at $322,000


LAFAYETTE, LA: Travis DeYoung's bond has been set at $322,000. Deputies with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office have arrested the owner of Cajun Cannabis after his shop was searched overnight, and just five days after opening his doors. According the authorities, Travis DeYoung's vehicle was stopped in the 100 block of Congress Street just before 11 p.m. in reference to an "ongoing narcotics investigation." A GofundMe has been created to assist with Deyoung's legal expenses.

RELATED: A GofundMe has been created to assist with Deyoung's legal expenses. 


During the search of the vehicle, deputies reportedly found 17 bottles of CBD Oil, 14 bottles of CBD gummies, 69 glass jars of CBD shatter, one box of CBD mints and one handgun.

Investigators then moved on a search of DeYoung's Johnston Street business, which opened on April, 20, 2019.

Since: Mar 2019
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Marijuana SEO


WeedTalk | Doctors & Delivery


As states go green, more and more cannabis companies are branding, more dollars are being spent on branding as new companies are emerging every day. There’s huge creative energy in the industry, and over the next few years we are going to see more brands and imaginative experimentation.

Don’t be surprised if the reefer revolution parallels the tech explosion, where entrepreneurs start businesses, build them and sell them to multinational corporations and Big Tobacco. A report in 2014 documents how Philip Morris, British American Tobacco and R.J. Reynolds have contemplated getting into the weed market since at least 1970.

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