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Kyle Ellsworth
Kent, WA

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Hobbies and Interests
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Personal Info
  • About Me: I'm a nice guy with a good personality, and friendly to most people of those who are friendly to me. I don't tolerate rude people for example when being out in public seeing someone acting rudely to a complete stranger not knowing of the consequences of what that other person can harm someone with rude behavior. I love to whatch Movies and listen to music of all types of different genres. I use to be a heavy weed smoke, But i quit for almost two years now, and I Drink alcohol, and smoke ciggarettes, and drink energy drinks for fun while whatching my favorite movies, and tv shows, and listening to music. I live in Kent, Washington in a 1 story hose that is prestty roomy on the inside of the house. I have a white picket fence in front of the lawn and off to the right you can see the front part of the garage of the driveway area. I like to party such as drinking alcohol, and sometimes go to a local bar with a friend or family member who wants to take me there to socialize with girls, and people at the bar to make friends or he a good meal to eat. I'm unemployed right now, But I'm always applying to jobs every company to see if they can Hire me to work for them part-time. I'm 31 years old half Mexican, and half White, But a lot of people think I look Italian because I have Black hair, Brown eyes and a slightly big nose. I like Sports such as Skateboarding, Surfing, Wakeboarding (in the summer time). I'm always constantly trying to attract girls of my interests in Movies and Music I'm into. I normally leave a couple windows open if people drive by my house to know what type of person I am and things that I enjoy doing while I'm at home. I'm an artistic, and creative type of person I like expressing my ideas and opinions I have about people and the world in general. Overall i'm a nice guy with a good heart too myself and try to be friendly with people. I'm not friendly of those who want to be rude with me I can do without judge mental people in my life because I believe every human on this planet has a special gift or talent of themselves they want to share with the world. My favorite kinds of Music I like is Rock, Rap, Electronic Dance Music, Some Country (Not all). My favorite types of movies I like to whatch are Comedy's, People about Partying, Drama films, Love story films, any type of movies about girls, sSoner movies, Rock N Roll movies. I have a lot of Movies I enjoy whatching from DVD's to VHS, to Whatching movies on You tube, and I have a home theatre with surround sound as I whatch my movies. Reasons though why I have quit smoking Weed is because it's too expensive too buy, and I like to spend my money on other things to have in my possesion, But I do miss Smoking weed and the feeling that it gives you, But I'm trying to save up a good amount of money to a point where maybe I can start buying it again. I joined Potspace too make new friends
  • Birthday: June 6th, 1987
  • Birthplace:
  • Lives in: Kent WA
  • Occupation:
  • Joined: January 31, 2019
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Single
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