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integrity and Guarantee clones to the be vigorous, well rooted, and thriving. Should anything fail to meet those specifications within 7 days we will gladly replace any order within 24 hours. * Delivery service for ottawa, oshawa, toronto, hamilton and other province delivery next day. Email or njoterence@gmail.com for current menu of available clones, teens and mother plants (1-5 gallon pots). * CLONE MENU: RARE Ogs: Triple OG…Triangle Kush X Constantine X Master Yoda (Exotic Genetix) Sapphire OG…OG Kush X OG Kush X Afghan (Humbolt Seed Org) Ghost Breath…Ghost OG X Mendo Breath (ThugPug Genetics) Race Fuel OG…High Octane X Face Off OG (Archive Seeds) White Skywalker…The White X Skywalker (OG Raskal) White Fire OG #5…The White X Fire OG (OG Raskal) White Fire OG #43…The White X Fire OG (OG Raskal) * EXOTICS: PBJ…Peanut Butter Breath X Oregon Elite Rasberry (Square One Genetics) Dosido…OGKB X Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG bx1(Archive Seeds) Gelato 33…(Cookie Fam) Wookie Fruit…Purple Wookie X Legend (Compound Genetics) Grape Sorbet…Sunset Sherbet X Mendo Montage (ThugPug Genetics) Original GG4…Supplied by Karma Squad Nursery Wedding Cake…Wedding Cake F2 (Seed Junky) Monster Cookie…Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Yeti OG F1 (Greenpoint Seeds) Strawberry Bubba…Strawberry Cough X Pre 98 Bubba (OG Raskal) Blackberry Cream…Blackberry Kush X Cookies n Cream (Exotic Genetix) Resting Bitch Face…Animal Mints X Face Off OG X Sophies Breath (Cannapy Builders) Spider-Man (CBD)…Charlottes Web X OGR Fire Alien Strawberry (Thunderfudge) * ELITES: Jet A…Tina (OG) X Gelato 33 (Jet Fuel Gelato Remake)(Exotic Genetix) Grape Pie…Cherry Pie Kush X Grape Stomper (Harry Palms/Cannarado) Slurricane…Dosido X Purple Punch (iNHouse Genetics) MACH 10…MAC 1 X Purple Punch (Sungrown Genetics) Sapphire OG…OG Kush X OG Kush X Afghan (Humbolt Seed Org) Sunset Octane…Sunset Sherbet X High Octane (OG)(Seed Junky Genetics) London Bridge…Biscotti X Pound Cake X Sunset Sherbet (Cookie Fam) Sunset Stomper…Sunset Sherbet X Grape Stomper Ice Cream Cake…Wedding Cake (OG) X Gelato 33 (Seed Junky Genetics) Meat Breath #47…Mendo Breath X Mendo Montage (ThugPug Genetics) Tropicana Cookie F2…GSC X Tangie (Oni Seed Co.) * Teen Menu Varies from day to day. Please inquire for availability. Open 7 Days a week 10am-Midnight

i grow and sell top quality marijuana products indica sativa at affordable prices mainly for the treatment of terminal diseases like cancer,pain,depression just to name a few, have some top strains like moon rock,og kush,granddaddy, and lots others with high and moderate thc and cbd levels. >w**e are offer delivery services to all continents >medical licensed also available >packaged well secured and discrete >package meet you at your door steps** contact us on:plugman487@gmail.com call/text/whatsapp:+17202630187 for more info visit **weedtime.us**

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