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Washington, District-of-columbia
Posted on Nov 19 2020
Price: 400.00

Exotic Flowers

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Hello Looking For High Quality Buds at a reasonable Price?Well look no Further!!!We are Fast Reliable and The BEST when it comes to ~~~~~~~ Cannabis.Everyday We Practice and Strive On Growing The best Strains On The Eastcoast!!Whether You are looking For A Nice Indica to help with insomnia Or Pain.Or If you want to be the Life of the party and enjoy a Nice Sativa .Which provides a Nice Energy Boost And for those looking to gain their appetite back.Or if you want a little of Both I would recommend A hybrid.Our Growing Specialists Will help you find the strain that Is right for you!! All strains Are Grown indoor With Thc Potency starting at 21-30 percent.We are available 7 days A week At a reasonable And respectable Time.Please Be professional and please be OVER 21!! Please text or call to inquire 240-271-8966
Indica Menu
Pink Runtz-Indica
Hindu Kush-Indica
9lb Hammer-Indica
Bubble Kush-Indica
blue Cheese-Indica
Pink Runtz-Indica
Fat Banna-Indica
Royal Cookies-Indica
Purple Queen-indica
Wedding cake-indica
Sativa Menu
Green Crack Punch-Sativa
Haze Berry-Sativa
Sour Diesal-Sativa
Super Silver Haze-Sativa
Strawberry ~~~~~-Sativa
Maui Wowie-Sativa
Lemon Meringue
Hybrid Menu
White widow-Hybrid
Gorilla Glue #4-Hybrid
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A Green Alternative Dispensary

3 years ago



I've been hearing a lot about this dispensary and I'm all the way on the other side of the country. What's all the fuss about?

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Old Kottonmouth Kings Potspace video

3 years ago



This is an old video I found, sadly the sound doesn't match up in this one.

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